On The Other Side


Recently, my beautiful sister shared this video on Facebook and it just really hit home with me.

Will Smith has experienced exactly what we all go through on our chronic journey–BEING FEARLESS!! The only difference is unfortunately we kinda have no choice, right? We are forced to face our fears more often than the average person. Since I was diagnosed I have already had to face 3 of my biggest fears–needles, major surgery and extreme pain!

Fearless doesn’t mean the absence of fear. It means feeling that fear and doing it anyway! FACE the fear! It’s not going to be easy, but we ARE strong and we can get through it. Will Smith is truly onto something when he says “in maximum danger, we have minimal fear”. Once you have experienced the worst pain of your life and come out the other side—your fear is lessened, each time. I have been into the hospital twice with the most excruciating stomach pain imaginable. And both times I came out the other side, and OMG it really is BLISS when you finally get that good day and you are feeling healthy again!! It is the best feeling in the world! You feel like you are given life again. I really can’t think of any other description for it. That’s why we can easily appreciate what most others take for granted– having a job, eating a normal meal, active social lives, normal sleep patterns or just dancing around the house like a fool!! Because we don’t get many days where we experience these things! When you have to go through all those struggles to get to the good days, you cherish them so much more!

We kinda live our whole lives on the threshold of danger, am I right? I certainly feel that way. I mean just looking at the list of high risk side effects that come along with my Crohn’s medication…. DANGER Will Robinson!!! Now of course in Will’s case of sky diving, the result was an amazing fun flying experience. Yes, there is a possibility he could die skydiving but he is safe. With our lives it is obviously a little different. We aren’t having anxiety over a fun experience lol! Quite the opposite! Every time we experience a flare of symptoms, our natural reaction is to fear what is to come! I still get terrified every time I think I am going back into the hospital. The point is that it does no good–whatever happens is going to happen anyways. Worrying your head off about it, isn’t going to make it BETTER! It can only contribute to making it worse. So why put yourself through that? {I talk about this in my other blog post Mind Over Matter as well}

I don’t know about you, but here is what goes through my mind when my symptoms are at a severe point— “I’m going to die! This it it for me! I’m dying!” Each time I was in the ER for severe stomach pain coupled with endless vomiting, I absolutely felt like I was being tortured and that I was going to die. And in that feeling, my brain eventually just let go of anxiety. At that point, I was IN IT! I was free-falling from the plane like Will Smith. Nothing was in my control, so whatever was gonna happen, so be it! I mean you are already in the air, you are either gonna land on your feet or not! No in-between!

The truth is–it is really rare for someone to die from Crohn’s disease. That is a fact! {I’ve actually looked it up on the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation website, to ease my mind in the past. click here for the Nitty Gritty} Yes, it does feel like you are dying when it is happening, but if you stick it out and hold onto that amazing feeling that you KNOW is coming when you reach the other side of it—it is BEYOND worth it! If you are reading this right now from home or in the hospital, feeling really scared about what is to come, wherever you are in your stage of diagnosis—I want you to know– You CAN get through this!!! You WILL be okay, so put that fear aside!! Will Smith is right, the best things in life are on the other side of terror! I’ve been there, so I know firsthand it is true! Pure bliss awaits you on the other side of this bad day that you are having right now–so fight your fear and I’ll see you on the other side!

I hope this inspires you to drop your worries and just take everything as it comes. Because once you do, you can really ENJOY the things that matter most to you and soak up every second of them!

Published by Jana Rosenberger

I blog about my life with Crohn's disease and all things quality-of-life. I don't sugar coat this journey but I do find a way to laugh!

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